Gatehouse Parish Church, 1st February 2009 at 3.00pm

The date for the concert in Gatehouse is Sunday 1st February at 3.00pm in Gatehouse Parish Church. Extra rehearsals will be organised.

Rehearsal schedule for January:

Thursday 8th January

Sunday 11th January (To be confirmed)

Thursday 15th January

Sunday 18th January

Thursday 22nd January

Sunday 25th January. With choir in Gatehouse Parish Church.

Thursday 29th January.

Sunday 1st February Concert

Plans are being made for a memorial concert for Jimmy Gilmour. This will be a joint concert with the Gatehouse singers in Gatehouse Parish Church. The date has not yet been finally decided but will be at end of January or start of February and will be on Sunday afternoon. Any past member wishing to take part should contact Stuart at 01671402542 or Gillian at 10671403306.