Xmas 2011

The band has just completed a busy Christmas period. Starting at Wigtown on the 25th of November, the band played carols at the official switching on of the Christmas lights. This was followed by a similar event at Gatehouse on 4th December.

On the 14th of December a small group accompanied the pupils of Creetown Primary School at a carol concert which had to be held indoors due to the inclement weather. The following evening the band held its annual Christmas concert in the bandhall. This was very well attended and the band was in very good form, leading some community singing and playing several seasonal items including two brand new pieces: Christmas Fanfare and Manger Variations. The training band again took part and kept up their standards from the summer concert. It is worth noting that three of the group had already been “promoted” to the full band.

On Friday 16th the band entertained a large and enthusiastic audience at the Isle of Whithorn. As in the previous evening there was a mixture of band items and carol singing. Despite very cold weather and treacherous roads there was almost a full turnout from the band. The effort and the playing of the band was much appreciated by those in attendance.

Two nights later the band was once again playing carols, this time leading a church service in Kirkcowan.

A small group visited the local adult resource centre on Tuesday 20th and entertained members.

Fortunately there was a short break before the band played to guests at the Cally Palace in Gatehouse on the 23rd. This was again a mixture of band pieces and audience carol singing.

The following night, Christmas Eve, the band played at Newton Stewart for some communal singing and then went on the Creetown to do the same.

At all these events the playing of the band received unsolicited compliments from many listeners. It was also heartening that the band members made every effort to attend these engagements and must be congratulated on this and on their standard of play.