Friends Application Letter                                                               

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your patience during the preparation for the launch of the Friends of Creetown Silver Band.

I am pleased to tell you that we are now accepting applications for non-playing membership, and this letter is being sent to you as you have kindly expressed an interest in being one of the founder members of the group.

For a donation of £15, per person, annually ( £5 if under 18 ) you will be a member of a unique club and will help to ensure that Creetown Silver Band has the financial support required :

to further our education policy and training programme – for both Youth and Adult learners.

to assist with the development of the Junior Band.

to enable the purchase, servicing and improvement in quality, of band instruments for both juniors and seniors.

to assist with the expenses of entering competitions and festivals.

to help with the purchase of new music to enhance the band’s Music Library.

[This year the committee would like to use your donations specifically to enhance the Instrument Fund-information bulletin to follow]

As a friend of the band you:

will be invited to ‘open evenings’ where you can have an insight into band rehearsals.

enjoy free or subsidised transport (when available) to travel with the band to special competitions or festivals.

enjoy free or subsidised entry to all ticketed band concerts and free entry to all band-hall concerts.

will be kept up-to-date with band news – quarterly newsletter, information bulletins and page on the band website.

enjoy free entry into our ‘Lucky Friends Prize Draw’ notified in every newsletter as well as ‘Junior Quiz’ prizes.

enjoy a free playing-member subscription– for the first year, if you subsequently join the band.


Application Form: Everyone receiving this letter has already their contact details ’on file’ but some have an email address only. A postal address will be needed for receipt of membership cards. Please confirm your:

Name(s) Age if under 18 Address

(either by using this form OR by writing the information separately) and send with a Cheque or Crossed Postal Order made payable to ‘CREETOWN SILVER BAND’ to:


Your payment will be acknowledged and receipted by your unique membership card(s)

[which you will then need to keep safe, ready to use for access to some of your benefits.]


Please copy or show the letter and form, if received by email, to any friends whom you think might like to join us.

(A second copy has been sent to all with postal addresses only.)

Thank you again for your interest and the band looks forward to seeing you at events and keeping you up-to-date with band activities and news.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Edward. (‘Friends’ Liaison for the Band Committee.)