Creetown Silver Band Workshop June 10th 2012

Everyone who attended the workshop in Newton Stewart cinema on Sunday 10th June agreed that it was a most enjoyable, interesting and stimulating day.

The workshop was led by Les Neish who proved to be a charismatic and communicative leader. The first session started at 11.00am with a series of fun but meaningful exercises. Several senior players, present as spectators, were persuaded to participate.

After a lunch break Les took the workshop band, which was composed of young players along with adults, who had only been playing for about a year, through several pieces of music which would form part of the concert. His up- beat approach and ability to capture the imagination of the youngsters brought out a musical and quality performance.

This group opened the public concert at 4.00pm and was well received by the audience which, although not large, was just acceptable for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Creetown Silver Band then took to the stage with a march “The Rambler” and some lighter music. It then accompanied Les in “Four Preludes for Tuba and Brass Band” by Philip Greenwood and “Song for The Skies” by Paul Lovatt-Cooper. Both pieces were as usual beautifully played by Les and showed the audience what a superb player he is with faultless technique allied to a rich expressive sound.

After another two items from the band Les returned to play the very popular “Bass in the Ballroom” which drew a huge response from the listeners. As an extra Les played some unaccompanied music, showing off the various tricky techniques and sounds which can be achieved on a tuba including singing happy birthday and playing at the same time. Les then joined the bass section of the band for the final item “Trouble in the Air”.

Although it had been a long and tiring day the organisers were pleased with the result and felt that it had gone some way to promote Brass playing in the area, to encourage youngsters to take up brass instruments and to fire up the enthusiasm of those already playing. The only downside was the lack of response from other young brass players in the region and a slightly disappointing turnout at the concert.

The members and committee of Creetown Silver Band along with the SBBA development section will now plan to make sure that this momentum is continued. Thanks to all and especially Les Neish for a superb days banding.

Les Neish and workshop participants